What is Sublimation?

Sublimation printing is a technique that uses heat sensitive inks. These inks turn into gas under the influence of heat and combine with a 100% polyester medium. Since the ink becomes part of the structure of the material, the images on the fabric don't fade or crack - even after multiple washings.

Artwork Requirements:

For the best results on your sublimated apparel we require the following file types.

Adobe Illustrator - AI files

Encapsulated Post Script - .eps files

High resolution - over 300 dpi - .pdf files

These files are referred to as Vector format files. This means that they can be resized and manipulated without losing resolution on the file meaning that they will look sharp and clear on your custom clothing.

What is Vector Art: The technical definition of vector graphics is complicated! In a nutshell, vector files (encapsulated postscript) define a graphic by using mathematical algorithms, which allow the image to be scaled or modified without loss of image quality or resolution. When your artwork or logo is in a vectored format (either .ai or .eps), it allows you to increase or decrease the size of the graphic without compromising the integrity of the original image. The end result is a crisp, clear, and readable image no matter what the final output or size! Vector graphics are sometimes also referred to as "draw graphics", but they mean the same thing.

 Vector Artwork Illustration


How do I know if my logos are vector?

If the file you have ends with .JPG, .GIF .or BMP, it is definitely NOT vector artwork.  Website logos are not useable as they are low resolution designed to load quickly.  Files that end in .AI, .EPS or .PDF, are most likely vector. If you're not sure if your logo is vector, email the logo to us and a rep will check it for you.  

Don't have your logos in Vector format?

If you're unsure if your artwork is in vector format, send it to us and we will check it.  Most companies will have their logo in vector format because it is required for production of signage, business cards, letterhead etc...  If you still can't find the correct format we can redraw your logo(s).  Note: an additional charge will apply for this service.


PMS colors can vary depending on the fabric used, inks used and method of printing. We use the latest Digital sublimation technology, with inks and fabric from the industry leaders, however, colors from different manufacturers can appear different.